07 February 2008

The Destruction of East St. Louis—Another Dark Day for Corporate Medicine

East St. Louis, the poor stepchild that lives due East of the famous Arch, has been told by corporate medicine that they will no longer have a trauma center to reach tens of thousands of residents. Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital survived for 118 years under the care and guidance of Catholic nuns until it’s sale a few short years ago.

Please watch the video titled "Kenneth Hall Hospital in East St. Louis.” This closing is a danger to community hospitals everywhere, particularly inner city hospitals that often serve the poorest of the poor. While the East St. Louis community is fighting to save this hospital, they need your help. The East St. Louis residents and their supporters from the neighboring communities are protesting against the threat of Southern Illinois Health Care Foundation (SIHCF), who aim to close the only full service hospital that serves 31,524 people in East St. Louis, and move it to Sauget, Illinois, a village of 274.

This is injustice and it is unacceptable. Please go to http://savekennethhall.com/ — and make your voice heard.