14 September 2008


IT'S THE STUFF CONSPIRACIES ARE MADE OF, and yes, there may be an element of that involved here as well, but the situation seems far more dangerous every single day. When I was filming GENERATION RX, I met a British psychiatrist and we talked about the revelation that Prozac had been discovered in the Thames River. . .and had entered the water supply consumed by millions of Brits.

"Are people in London really that depressed?" I asked him, somewhat sheepishly. "No, no. . .no," was his response while laughing.

Over the past few years, events have proven that concern over drugs excreted through the user's urine were not limited to the UK. In America, millions of pounds of unused pharmaceuticals are being flushed down the drain, and we are "pumping contaminants into America's drinking water," according to an investigation by the Associated Press.

Maybe THIS is what they mean by "the trickle-down" theory: for the 50 million+ Americans who are uninsured, the healthcare delivery option of choice is to. . . just turn on the water faucet!

From the AP Investigation: "One thing is clear: The massive amount of pharmaceuticals being flushed by the health services industry is aggravating an emerging problem documented by a series of AP investigative stories - the commonplace presence of minute concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the nation's drinking water supplies, affecting at least 46 million Americans."

The AP series follows one by the New York Times last Spring, the BBC last year, the UK's Guardian newspaper and probably countless others. Millions of tons of narcotics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, stimulant drugs and more are being ingested by children, the elderly, and well, ALL of us who do not use some kind of sophisticated water purification system.


Normally I never try to push "products" onto my readers, but it seems clear that anyone who can afford a water purification system should buy one. I got mine (20 years ago) through a company based in New York City, but there are good ones nationwide. If you live in New York or the Tri-State area, though, call Jim Artress at Water and Air Service Specialties. He is extremely knowledgeable and reasonably priced, even though he services dozens of New York's top celebrities. He can be reached at 646-325-4339.

If you cannot afford a professional system, try to protect yourself by getting an inexpensive and portable purification system. They are available at Home Depot's and other stores throughout the U.S.


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