25 November 2008

'GENERATION RX' Exclusive Video - Part 1

The good people at NewsTarget.com are unveiling a weekly series about Generation RX, and so we decided to assist their efforts by unveiling a series of three weekly video clips. This is Part One.

This video clip is extracted from the section where we begin to examine the science behind Prozac — and how it was approved for the marketplace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is incredible! A big shout-out to Mike Adams at Natural News, who is covering your film. I am SO GLAD to have found you! :-)

I plan to visit/read often.


2:39 PM EST  
Blogger kevinmiller said...


And yes, a HUGE shout out to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, for so avidly endorsing GENERATION RX and my work in general.

I've been producing films on many of these topics for a long time, and Mike is one of the most powerful advocates I've ever had the honor to know.

Of course, you can always visit Mike's wonderful site: www.NaturalNews.com

4:26 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your site via NaturalNews.com as well and so glad! Please put up a subscribe link so I will get your posts by email - go to feedblitz.com, it's free, they give you the html to insert in your sidebar.

I will be posting your trailer on my sites as well (I blog a lot.) thank you for what you do!!!


12:01 AM EST  
Anonymous benrall said...

YES!!!! Kevin You are spot on! I am praying everyday that this hits critical mass. You cannot stop the people. This is how change happens. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - you are making this world a place to be thankful for.

10:55 AM EST  
Blogger kevinmiller said...

So that everyone know, Ben Rall, a chiropractor in Sioux Falls, is growing to become quite a hero in his own rite. Dr. Ben recently hosted a public viewing of GENERATION RX in his town and attracted 250 people or so to the event.

Let me be clear: THIS "is how change happens," make no mistake. If we want to affect change, we must act. So, "Be Like Ben' and host a viewing in your town. If possible I will be there, but one way or another, people will be armed with the facts as they make these critical decisions about their own healthcare, or that of a child.

On this Thanksgiving, I truly do give thanks to all of the 'Ben Ralls' out there who have supported my work. There is much left to do.

2:04 PM EST  
Blogger kevinmiller said...

THANKS to 'Saratica' for the comments and suggestion of adding a 'Subscribe' link for those of you interested in such an option.

I could not understand why it was unavailable before, but I see that i simply had to upgrade my template to make it happen!

Thanks Saratica!!

8:22 PM EST  

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