28 January 2009


In the many dark days of researching for GENERATION RX, discovering the story of Christopher Pittman was a day I remember well. Here was a boy who had never been in trouble, with no criminal record — not even a blemish on his school records for bad behavior — but that all changed once he was placed on SSRI medication and committed one heinous act.

I will be writing about Christopher at length in an upcoming blog.

As you will see from the note below, I have been asked to spread the word regarding a petition that is being circulated to release Christopher from the Adult prison where he is being held.

"Hi Kevin,

My name is Janet Sisk and I am the founder of The Juvenile Justice Foundation, I came across your Blog and seen where you have information On Christopher Pittman. I have been working with his attorneys in hopes of Christopher gaining his freedom.

I visit Chris every Sunday since his transfer to adult prison and I consider him my son. I would like to ask you if you would consider putting a video up on your blog. It was made and sent to the FDA for a hearing on medication guide inserts and the dangers of SSRI’s and children it is about 5 minutes long.

My hope is to gain more signatures on his petition , so when we get a legislator to sponsor a children’s juvenile bill they may consider adding some of the amendments on Christopher’s Bill as well.

You can view it on YouTube under juvenilejustice2009 I copied the link and embedded info as well for you.

Thanks for bringing this issue to light , and exposing these dangerous drugs and side effects. This information needs to be brought into every household ."




Blogger Anthony said...

Thanks for the news alert, I signed the petition.

2:55 PM EST  
Anonymous Phoebe said...

I google Christopher's name every so often in the hope of seeing that he has finally been released but nothing has changed... it's insane, what can we do to get this in the public eye again... surely something can be done!

9:21 AM EDT  
Blogger melissarobi said...

I thank the Lord for you and for what you do for Christopher. What a gift you are in his life. Thank you for caring and for giving of
your time and dedication.

11:51 AM EDT  
Anonymous Amy, OKlahoma said...

He needs to be released and sue the pants off zoloft the rx industry and the doctor that perscribed the medication! Personally I have not taken zoloft but have taken drugs that made me crazy and South Carolina Justice System should be ashamed. I do feel for the grandparents it is very unfortunate they was victems of mind altering drugs!

12:09 PM EST  

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