23 March 2009

“Generation RX” highlights the dangers of mood-altering drugs on youth

by Meaghan S. Earley

In his latest documentary “Generation RX,” local filmmaker Kevin P. Miller explores the painful (and sometimes fatal) side effects of mood-altering drugs and the impact they have on our nation’s youth.

In this timely film, Miller shows why parents who trust their doctors are quick to place their children on these drugs — and why the decision is often unwise.

“If medicine is to be trusted,” he says, “integrity and ethics must be at its core.” Miller’s ability to adequately portray life
issues in his films are due to his ability to empathize with his subjects.

“... I’ve always tried to walk a mile in the shoes of the afflicted so that I could communicate to the reader or the audience a genuine sense of their suffering and angst,” he says.

Speaking with the parents who have lost their children is heartbreaking, to say the least. But behind the pain is a story driven by common sense — something Miller hopes his film illustrates.

“When people watched [“Generation RX”], they could truly see how illogical and dangerous it is to mass-drug children with
‘speed’ or other psychiatric medicines,” he says. Miller hopes “Generation RX” will touch parents, teachers and college students alike andthat everyone will re-examine their reasons for giving children these drugs.

“If we had more ‘talking’ and behavioral therapy, and less drugging with these powerful intoxicants,” he says, “our society would be far better off.”

–Meaghan S. Earley
from CIFF Daily
an Official Publication of the Cleveland International Film Festival

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Anonymous RSBell said...


9:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous Pamela S. K. Glasner said...

Writer/Director Kevin P. Miller’s film, Generation RX, is a mind-blowing 126-minute-long documentary about millions of children who have been forced onto powerful psychotropic drugs for no other reason than the enormous income they generate.

Kevin was kind enough to invite me to the March 22nd 2009 premiere screening of the film @ the Cleveland International Film Festival because of our mutual interest in the topic and the fact that I wrote a book which, through fictional, speaks passionately and accurately to the very heart of a subject he obviously feels as strongly about as I do.

Having researched the actions and abuses of the pharmaceutical industry myself and having arrived at the same statistics and conclusions, I honestly can’t say which I feel more strongly: vindication because my deductions and assertions were indeed correct, or horror - because my deductions and assertions were indeed correct.

Certainly I've seen my share of documentaries in my life, but never have I seen one that could elicit the emotional response that Kevin’s could - and, indeed, did.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see the film at the festival, let me assure you: had been standing in the back of the theater during the screening you would have heard alternating waves of laughter (mostly derisive as we watched the leaders of the FDA prevaricate and stumble over their lame justifications) and tears as we witnessed the agonies of the victims and their loved ones whilst they testified and shared and grieved.

This has to be, without doubt, one of this country’s most important films ever produced. It is a wake-up call which I sincerely hope people everywhere will respond to - as quickly and as vehemently as possible. We are losing our most valuable resource - our children - at an alarming rate and if something is not done to correct this very soon, everyone, not just the victims and their families, but everyone, loses.

If you have not seen Generation RX, I will give you one word of advice: DO. It is available on Amazon.com and at http://www.generationrxfilm.com/ and it is well worth every penny you'll spend on it.

9:17 AM EDT  

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