09 June 2009


ON APRIL 10th, JUST TWO WEEKS BEFORE HIS DEATH, I posted what I termed "an insightful film review" by Ronen Levi Yitzchak Segal of New York City.

The words spoke volumes about GENERATION RX, to be sure, bu also about the kind of man Ronen was. We first met online, as is the case with so many relationships nowadays, and I was so impressed by Ronen that within the first conversation I asked him if I could send him a copy of my film, which had just been released.

Here's another of Ronen's video commentaries, where he counsels a friend after losing a parent. I think it really represent what a kind man he was — the gentle soul whom many admired.

In our last conversation, Ronen said that he was making plans to host a special screening for GENERATION RX in New York City. He was "convinced that Generation RX has the power to change" people's attitudes about drugging children — and he wanted his friends and family — and fellow New Yorkers to take notice.

I am saddened that we never got to coordinate that event: not, of course, to publicize my film, but because I was looking forward to meeting this man, whom I sensed was a good and brave and kind person, above all.

Shalom, brother. You will live in my heart forever.


Anonymous Sol Kadnack said...

Gee, that's too bad. Sorry to hear about that. What did he die of?

12:51 AM EDT  

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