15 June 2010


First Bill C-51 & C-52, Then C-6 and NOW Bill C-36

The Canada Consumer Protection Act is back with a new name. On Wednesday, June 9th, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq introduced Bill C-36, replacing the defeated Bill C-6. Bill C-36 is a proposed “modernization” of the Consumer Protection Act which will give government inspectors and agents more powers and consequently remove rights and freedoms from individual Canadians.

If you have been following the past incarnations of Bill C-36 you know what I’m talking about. Bill C-51 and C-52 contained language and provisions that were very disturbing and allowed for actions to be taken against individuals without legal recourse and without regard to “the rule of law”.

The Stop Bill C-51 movement received mainstream media attention and demonstrated to the Conservative Government that a significant number of Canadians are not in favour of this type of draconian legislation in Canada.

Constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley has authored discussion papers on Bill C-51, C-52 and Bill C-6 which can be found at the Natural Health Product Protection Association’s website. Shawn Buckley is currently reviewing the newly tabled Bill C-36 and will present his analysis soon.

So far we have been lucky. Bill C51 and C52 were killed when the election was called. Bill C6 was stopped by the Senate and sent back to the House of Commons for amendment. Thanks to the hard work of Canadian Health Freedom Fighters and others who value freedom of choice and individual rights, the Senate heard loud and clear that this type of legislation is unacceptable. It also helped that we had a Liberal Senate while Bill C6 was under review in the Senate. This is not the case now that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stacked the Senate by appointing more Conservative Senators. With a Conservative Majority it will be very difficult to fight Bill C36 in the Senate. The battle will have to be won in the House of Commons.

Click here to read Bill C-36

We should learn from the Fight the HST Campaign which is a very well organized and effective campaign to stop the HST in British Columbia. Bill C-36 can be defeated if enough people let the government know that they don’t support this type of regulation.

The Natural Health Products Protection Association are not merely fighting against these regulations they are promoting a better alternative. One which is balanced and respects the rights of individual freedom of choice. One which recognizes the need for effective regulation but does so within the rule of law. The Charter of Health Freedom is the legislation that will protect consumers and individual freedom of choice in health care.

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Anonymous Judy Brunet said...

You know what is so frustrating?
The government talks about "preventative" health care.....what a joke! Our medical system is the farthest from the truth. We all need to assume responsibilities for our own health. I refuse to become a RX junkie while the government & Pharma's rub their hands, thanks. I will collect signatures for the petition!

11:26 AM EDT  
Blogger Kevin P. Miller said...

Thanks Judy!

Keep an eye out for my new film called 'A Question of Sovereignty' about Canada. It will be released no later than June 22, 2010. Visit here or go to www.aQuestionOfSovereignty.com for more information... and to see the film.

1:37 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave Nash's write up on Bill C-36 can be found here:


It's a good one folks!

1:37 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dave Nash's write up on Bill C-36. It's a good one folks.

1:40 PM EDT  

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