02 April 2011


PAMELA DICKENS GILCHRIST WAS AN ANGEL ON EARTH. From the first time we met in the early 1990s, we had an intimate connection. I honored her repeatedly when I was in her presence; it was quite easy to do with such a gentle soul.

I was the best man at her wedding, when she married my dear friend Charles Gilchrist. She had this silly giggle of a laugh that was so endearing. And so I tried — incessantly so — to make her laugh, just to unleash the glee.

It was glorious when I succeeded.

Though she would never concur, she was just a gorgeous gal — and one of the most gracious people to have ever crossed my path.

Today is the 11th anniversary of her death from breast cancer. She was 47.

Even though I had a special place in her heart, I knew I was not alone, for there were many whom she loved in such innocent and spectacular ways.

I can honestly say that not a week goes by without me thinking of her. I see her in my dreams — and my daydreams. She speaks to me, I think, just to let me know that I still have responsibilities to carry forth.

So today, Breathe. Take in every minute. Do not take for granted even a moment of Life. Honor your time here. Express your love. Live your dreams. Now.

Don’t wait.


Blogger Middle Child said...

What a beautiful post - there are some who grace our lives this way and stay with us till our own course is run

10:53 PM EDT  

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