14 July 2009



A film that documents the effects of children's psychotic drugs and how these drugs can lead to a host of serious problems, will be shown at the Hyland Cinema tonight.

Generation Rx, by filmmaker Kevin P. Miller, follows families who have lost children to suicide and how lives have been affected by medications. There are also interviews with doctors about the consequences of prescribing mind-altering drugs to children.

The documentary is presented at Hyland by Maximized Living and London doctor B.J. Hardick.

"It's a wakeup call for people who don't realize the politics behind getting these drugs approved and the politics behind naming new psychiatric conditions that come out every year without any real scientific testing," Hardick says.

"The realities of prescription drug side effects are also in the news right now with Michael Jackson. We think this is an extreme case, but there are many people walking around in this city taking as many drugs as Michael Jackson was that are prescribed."

Hardick says there is collusion between the pharmaceutical companies and drug regulators in North America.

"The companies have been backing a lot of the research and creating disease names."

The documentary reveals eight out of the 12 school shooters since the Columbine massacre were taking psychotropic medication.

The documentary has created a stir at film festivals.

Academy award winner and London native Paul Haggis called it a "chilling eye-opener. Many of the stories stayed with me weeks after viewing and continue to haunt me now."

Generation Rx has been met with resistance by drug companies and individuals.

Hardick hopes the documentary will help steer families away from unnecessary medications.

"We've done this as a public awareness campaign," he says.

Proceeds from tickets sales will benefit Teen Challenge, a local residential drug rehab program.



What: Screening of Generation Rx, a documentary exploring the dangers of children's psychiatric medications and their use.

When: Tonight, 7 to 9 p.m.

Where: The Hyland Cinema, 240 Wharncliffe Rd. S.

Tickets: $4, at the door or by calling 519-673-1132.

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Blogger Jessica said...

Small world, Kevin. I found you through my friend Ralph, who suggested both of us in his follow friday recommendation today. (I'm liveonpurpose) The title of your movie sounded familiar when I saw your site, and I checked the web site I built for my chiropractor and I see he will be showing Generation Rx next month for all his patients.

So, it's a pleasure to digitally meet you!

12:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Kevin P. Miller said...

Hey Jess!

Thanks for writing. Let me know of your chiro friend so I can support his efforts!

I hope you'll stay in touch!


12:54 AM EDT  
Blogger Jessica said...

I linked you to his calendar page in my earlier post. He's Dr. Tim Cummins, practicing in Aurora Colorado with Maximized Living. I've been his patient a little over a year.

1:47 AM EDT  

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