06 November 2009


I’ve been traveling the globe again — and beg your forgiveness as my blog has been unavoidably neglected whilst I have been away. But that doesn’t mean I’ve quit writing — oh no.

In fact, quite the opposite is true.

The beauty of email and the www is that I can check-in every so often — from remote Indian villages and other far-flung corners of North America. And when I do, your words are often the perfect salve for a tired road warrior.

Thank you.

Below are a few of the most recent comments about Generation RX — written by you. I share them with you now — and promise to be back in full swing on the blog VERY soon.

Kevin P. Miller
6 November 2009

Short sighted "solution" becomes all of our problem, and the ones lost here are our children
Review by Chris

This movie is a must view for every person on this planet. Since viewing this movie, I have made, and continue to make every reasonable effort to let my friends and family know about this movie.

My sincere hope is that we as a people, can get educated, and informed about this situation and avoid "big pharma's" short sighted "solutions" that only becomes all of our problem. The biggest victims here are of course the children, and the families are left trying to pick up the pieces and understand why things went so terribly wrong.

This movie is more than just eye opening and heart wrenching. It informs and educates on so many levels. The understanding that takes place is on the deepest levels humanity has to offer. 

While my heart goes out for all of the families who have had their children taken from them, my soul also pains for the millions of children who at this moment are still having their childhood and very make up of who they are becoming robbed from them- all in the name of "big pharma" making a buck.
Think about it.....every level of protection for the children has failed them miserably- from the parents trusting the counsel of the so called "professionals" to the governments sess pool supposed consumer watch dog the FDA. Nothing could be down right more dispicable. The fraud is perpetrated upon the parents, and in turn the children suffer. As these children suffer and are destroyed in one fashion or another, so are we.....are not children our very future?

We all owe it to ourselves to get better informed.

We owe it to our children to be their guardian angels, and to take real steps to protect them and allow them to become the people they are meant to become. How dare the FDA, the doctors, the school counselors and any one eles who would willingly participate in pushing drugs on our children- not for benefit, but for profit. 

This film exposes, promotes, and touches. There are no adequate words to describe it- you have to experience it for yourself.

Thank you Kevin Miller. Thank you for taking the time, going through the painstaking work and getting this so vital and important, life saving information out to us the public.

Critical for everyone to see
Review by Judy

This DVD needs to be placed in the hands of every person in the world.

Thank God for this information and my prayer is that I can inform all my family, friends and anyone I come into contact with to watch it and change the furture of their families.

The middle school tried to get me to put my son on meds when he was in 6th grade. I knew it was because they couldn't "control" him, but I refused. I didn't know this information at that time, I wish I had.

I will show this DVD to my daughter and son-in-law because they too have a little mover and shaker who is 6 and isn't the compliant child that most scholls expect in their classes.

Is there a way to make this more affordable so it can be mass produced and mass distributed to those who are struggling financially? I would suspect that their children are placed on these drugs at an even higher rate than those we see in the DVD!

Thank you for opening my eyes. God bless you.

Review by SamSara

this movie was grim and scary, but good!!
it's upsetting to see how the people who are supposed to be safeguarding us from drug abuse are so connected to the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. 

and everyday people are being hurt! some really tough personal stories from families who've lost a lot. 

not all the information is even new - just old stories that got buried! why are these drugs still OK? it seems crazy that the corruption described in the film is still going on, maybe even getting worse! more people sure are being medicated...

everyone should see Generation RX - tell your friends and write to congress - don't let them keep putting our kids and families at risk)

The movie is sobering, but you have to see it
Review by software geek

The drugging of children for profit is one of the most despicable crimes that is occurring in our society at this time. This movie educates and raises awareness of what is occurring right now. 

Generation RX is an extremely well-done documentary that documents the facts of how we are being used for financial gain. There are innocent victims that are being exploited - children. This was once an untapped market that the Pharmaceutical industry mines using the best talent from Madison Avenue and then spreading the wealth to others that are in a position to forward their goals (JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, doctors, ...). 

You'll learn how we got where we are today. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) lists disorders, including the behavioral disorders such as ADHD, bi-polar, and so on, that enables doctors to prescribe a drug even though there is no medical test to support it. One thing I learned is that the committee / authors of the DSM have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. In some areas 100% of the panel members have financial ties. The corruptness of the FDA is also made clear and how we need a firewall between the regulators and those that profit from what is being regulated. Right now we have a "fox watching the hen house" scenario. 

How these drugs got approved when there was clear evidence of the harm they cause is brought out. The data of prozac was available 20+ years ago, yet these drugs were approved. 

Many have stated that ADHD is a made-up disease to collect patients that manifest the stated symptoms of ADHD. Yet when such a panel of "experts" met and a question was raised to describe the symptoms, the so-called expert could not answer the question. He yammers on for minutes making an utter fool of himself but clearing showing that ADHD is merely a four letter acronym to somehow make it seem like a disease that allows drugs to be prescribed and profits to be made while children's lives are ruined or even ended by suicide. 

Generation RX gets the point across without undue emotion. It clearly presents with facts and personal stories what the current scene is today and what occurred to get us there. We know the players that created this system. We also are challenged to do something about it. It is an ethical point and all of us need to do something to change it, even if it is writing a letter to our elected representatives. 

The movie is sobering but you have to see it. Our futures depend on our children and our children depend on us.


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