23 April 2011

AN ODE TO CANADA - (abridged from the film 'A Question of Sovereignty')

Has Canada lost its way?

"A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY - An Ode to Canada" explores how Canadians are being stripped of their civil liberties by government agencies — and how powerful forces are using legislative efforts, free trade deals and other international agreements to override Canadian democracy.

Written and Directed by international award-winner Kevin P. Miller, this abridged version features the voices of some of Canada's greatest political figures, from Diefenbaker to Turner. The film not only identifies modern-day threats to personal and national sovereignty in Canada, but offers solutions to the constitutional challenges facing the nation in the 21st century.


Blogger Middle Child said...

Sadly it is becoming similar down here in Australia - and I think for some of the same reasons - the signing of the GATS agreement was a disaster which we fought against - and apart from the NAFTA which of course we don't have, we are as well as Canada trapped in many of these other international agreements.The world does seem to be being divided into the three areas Orwell mentioned in 1984 - but all really controlled by the Internationalists who are only loyal to themselves

11:52 PM EDT  
Anonymous Jamician Dave. said...

Another Great movie about Canada.


The film has some remarkable interviews with some of Cananda's elite politicians.

11:49 AM EDT  

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