23 April 2011

AN ODE TO CANADA - (abridged from the film 'A Question of Sovereignty')

Has Canada lost its way?

"A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY - An Ode to Canada" explores how Canadians are being stripped of their civil liberties by government agencies — and how powerful forces are using legislative efforts, free trade deals and other international agreements to override Canadian democracy.

Written and Directed by international award-winner Kevin P. Miller, this abridged version features the voices of some of Canada's greatest political figures, from Diefenbaker to Turner. The film not only identifies modern-day threats to personal and national sovereignty in Canada, but offers solutions to the constitutional challenges facing the nation in the 21st century.

17 April 2011

Interview with Kevin P. Miller - ARC Conference in Bath UK - part 2 of 3

03 April 2011

SARAH'S LAST WISH - a book by Eve Hillary

Ancient philosophers often stated that there can be no personal or spiritual growth without pain. Suffering and anguish, we are told, are the brutal conduits to enlightenment; they are the catalysts to inner-questioning, exploration, and ultimately, metamorphosis. Pain and suffering force us to face cold hard truths and help define our ethics.

I am no stranger to pain. As a filmmaker since 1990, I have documented thousands of individual medical nightmares. In truth, I have seen too much...and felt too much hurt. So the prospect of reading about another personal train wreck...another tale of tragedy and heartbreak made me wary. Within the opening pages of Sarah's Last Wish, however, Eve's Hillary's powerful writing immersed me into the world of 11-year old Sarah Westley, a young girl diagnosed with ovarian cancer. . .and there was no turning back.

Sarah's Last Wish is a transformative book, a passionate homage to millions of people harmed by conventional medical institutions. But is also a prayer to return freedom and humanity back to healthcare worldwide.

Sarah's Last Wish shares not only the pain, but the Light that was Sarah, whose childlike, if not Godlike wisdom haunts us with the reminder that the smallest voices can offer the most profound lessons.

As we debate how to create not only a better healthcare system, but a better world, Sarah's Last Wish offers lessons on how our medical systems must change if we are to ever truly reach societal enlightenment. It asks whether we are humane enough to hear the gracious wisdom of an 11-year old girl...and whether we are willing act to preserve all we hold dear about humanity itself.

Kevin P. Miller
April 2011

02 April 2011


PAMELA DICKENS GILCHRIST WAS AN ANGEL ON EARTH. From the first time we met in the early 1990s, we had an intimate connection. I honored her repeatedly when I was in her presence; it was quite easy to do with such a gentle soul.

I was the best man at her wedding, when she married my dear friend Charles Gilchrist. She had this silly giggle of a laugh that was so endearing. And so I tried — incessantly so — to make her laugh, just to unleash the glee.

It was glorious when I succeeded.

Though she would never concur, she was just a gorgeous gal — and one of the most gracious people to have ever crossed my path.

Today is the 11th anniversary of her death from breast cancer. She was 47.

Even though I had a special place in her heart, I knew I was not alone, for there were many whom she loved in such innocent and spectacular ways.

I can honestly say that not a week goes by without me thinking of her. I see her in my dreams — and my daydreams. She speaks to me, I think, just to let me know that I still have responsibilities to carry forth.

So today, Breathe. Take in every minute. Do not take for granted even a moment of Life. Honor your time here. Express your love. Live your dreams. Now.

Don’t wait.